2019 Health Education Teacher Preparation Standards

SOPHE’s 2019 Health Education Teacher Preparation Standards expect beginning health education teachers to:

  • Possess a deep content knowledge, and an understanding of pedagogical skills including digital learning.
  • Work effectively with a diverse PreK-12 student population.
  • Use data to guide planning, instruction and feedback.
  • Apply evidence-based practice and expect practice-based teacher education.
  • Collaborate as part of a team—sometimes in a leading role and sometimes in a supporting role.

The focus is on the key knowledge and skills that contribute to the health and well-being of PreK-12 learners now and in their future.

The standards are organized into six separate statements, there is a high degree of integration across standards.

Preparation for SPA Recognition

SOPHE’s 2019 Health Education Teacher Preparation Manual is a guidance document for institutions seeking national recognition of their health education teacher preparation program.

It includes a detailed description of the knowledge base underlying each of the six HETP standards and 28 components, information on the required assessments to show that teacher candidates can demonstrate the expected knowledge and skills, sample rubrics, exemplars and templates, and information on SOPHE’s SPA process.

The manual is essential for faculty overseeing health education teacher preparation programs and can be useful for states and policymakers concerned with health education teacher performance.

SOPHE Resources

Additional resources to assist professional preparation programs:

Training and Technical Assistance

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