Jessica Wingert, CHES,® MCHES,® CTTS

“Since the first class I took in health education, I was hooked. I love the variety that working as a health education specialist offers and that I am able to help people lead healthier lives.”

Jessica Wingert, CHES,® MCHES,® CTTS, is from Navarre, Ohio. She earned her bachelor’s degree in community health education from Malone University and her MPH in health policy and management with a focus on leadership and organizational change.

Jessica works at Summit County Public Health in Akron, Ohio, and has spent many years in tobacco control, serving as a resource for people throughout the county who are looking for information about tobacco or cessation resources.

In her position, she engages all Seven Areas of Responsibility, but she uses Area III: Implement Health Education/Promotion most frequently.

The best advice that Jessica has received is to never stop learning and to learn with passion. She loves how her career as a health educator always offers new opportunities and challenges.

Her hobbies include twirling baton, which she has been doing for 35 years, and visiting Ohio’s wineries.

Jessica is a member of the Ohio SOPHE Chapter