Guide to Effectively Educating State and Local Policymakers

The Guide to Effectively Educating State and Local Policymakers is a timely resource that facilitates the action steps needed to educate policymakers on relevant health policy issues.

The guide stems from the curriculum of SOPHE’s State Health Policy Institute (SHPI) that ran from 2009-2011. The guide is comprised of six chapters chapters that contain a wealth of information on:

  • the role of professionals and legislators
  • acquiring stakeholders and partners
  • framing messages
  • creating policy action plans and kits
  • case studies of SHPE participants and more . . .

Available in 10 pdf files


Chapter 1 – Leverage policy to promote health

Chapter 2 – Policy and the role of public health professionals

Chapter 3 – Framework for educating policymakers

Chapter 4 – Action plans to educate policymakers

Chapter 5 – Policy education kits

Appendix A – Resources

Appendix B – Templates and training tools

Appendix C – State health policy institute agendas